Friday, July 1, 2016


I was in Paris for the Emily Dickinson Conference and, of course had to go shopping, most especially to a marché. We went to the one at Porte de Vanves and it was large and pretty expensive. We wandered for ages (we arrived late) and the vendors were packing up by the time I bought anything. My purchases:
A blue lidded Japanese pot for €10
Clearer view of the pattern on the pot in this pic
(lid propped against Buddha)
The orange faceted vase is from Maisons du Monde, and cost 39c in their sale.
Love that shop!
A pendant with turquoise and opalites, by Miracle, for €15
An enameled brooch by Breteaudeau, Paris for €5
And here are some market scenes:

Snowdrop cup and saucer for my birth month

Clown twins

Two of my darlings, strolling the marché

Beautiful Buddhas


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