Monday, January 11, 2016

2016 & still buying

I try hard not to buy stuff, I really do, but it's difficult when the local charity shops are so good/ affordable and stocked with stuff I like. I walked away from two blue glass vases today. But then I came home and was reading Period Ideas and thought, Argh, why did I leave them there?! So, I hopped into the car and in jig time had them bought and home. Blue. Glass. €10 for the pair. No brainer.

We've put an extra room (sunroom/dining room) on our house so have been busily re-jigging how rooms are used. Much as I love the oasis of my bedroom as a writing room, I wanted it back as a bedroom alone. We've gained a study because of the sunroom but, with both of us working from home mostly, and me needing quiet to write, I now need to have two desks. One in the study for when Mr is away and one in the sitting room for the rest of the time.

So I went to Lynn Antiques in Athlone hoping to find a nice bureau but got this oak desk instead for €150. Great price, great desk. I love the lions! You put your hand in the lower one's mouth to pull open the drawer.

And finally not vintage but whimsical, a €5 brontosaurus planter from Tiger:

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