Wednesday, July 23, 2014


I am just back from a short story conference in Vienna. It's a posh, upmarket city but I managed a trip to the Saturday flea market and to Humana, a secondhand shop on Alserstrasse, near our lovely airbnb apartment. My purchases were modest, but lovely:

My €4 plastic-nobbled, vintage evening bag,
which I used at our reading night at the Irish Embassy
The Saturday flea at Naschmarkt, Vienna
BEFORE: Last year in Spain I bought a silver ID bracelet for €5
at a market. I got this one 'Albert' at Vienna's flea, also €5
AFTER: 'Albert' after I had given him a rub with a silver cloth.
I dipped him since home and he's even nicer now :)
And though she is not vintage, I bought this little Swarovski lady in a department store. You can't go to Austria and leave without Swarovski. Her name is Vinnie and she is bringing me luck already :)

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