Sunday, February 10, 2013


I sold my old dresser some time ago. We have a small house and I love furniture but it was always too big for the space. I put a  china cabinet in its place but was keeping an eye out all the time for a smaller dresser to replace it. I found one - at last - in Lynn's Antiques in Athlone. It's not as old as I might have wanted but it is well and simply made and I may paint it eventually. For the moment I am enjoying its honeyed brown wood.

Before pic 1
It needed a bit of work before it would suit my needs. I got pine beading in B&Q yesterday, so I could put plates standing up on the shelves and I also got cup handles to replace the ugly brass ones that were on the drawers. My hubbie stained the beading and put it on the shelves and he changed the handles, so the dresser is in place now, looking lovely. It's great to be able to see my stuff again! Here are a few pics.

Before pic 2
After pic 1

After pic 2


  1. Oh I love Lynn's Antiques!! That dresser is lovely: I always think the simpler shapes are so much nicer... And easier to paint by far :-)

  2. Yes, I love the simple shape, Emily. I may paint it anon but, at the mo, I'm just loving the wood. It's a very nicely made piece. So happy :)