Friday, November 16, 2012


I stayed in Portlaoise last weekend. Our B&B was a lovely Georgian house and this teacup was one of a pair left for us to have our tea in. Pretty or what? It's from Aynsley.

We visited a magnificent antiques place - The Storeyard - I've never been anywhere quite like it. It's a big warehouse but it is sectioned off in themes (jewelry, ceramics, furniture etc.) and lots of the merchandise is laid out in passages and rooms. Totally fab. It even has its own café, Tynan's, that serves great meals and scrummy cakes. The place was a revelation to me - the highlight of my trip to Portlaoise.

I bought a goat skull for €25, which my Da mounted on a plaque for me. Love it.

Then he gave me these antlers which he had and they now live on my mantelpiece:

Here are some more pics to give a flavour of The Storeyard:

A Tynan's bun
What I really want...
Angel font

A beautiful version of The Three Graces


  1. thanks for your lovely blog, delighted that you enjoyed your visit. Thx from the staff at The Store yard

  2. Hi Jacinta - I meant to mention the lovely staff in my blog post but got carried away by drooling over the stuff. We met so many friendly and welcoming members of staff the day we were there. Thank you all. We'll be back!
    Nuala x

  3. Is oh cricket, my home place is not far from Portlaoise... I fear I'll be needing a trip ASAP!!

  4. Haha, sorry, predictive text above!!! I think I have invented a new exclamation!!!

  5. Is oh cricket, the stuff there is unbelievable, Ems!! :)